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V.A. (In Any Case 002)

In Any Case are exactly what I look for in a record label. Great music spanning a mix of genres, a commitment to showcasing less-heard artists and a not-too-regular release schedule. I was actually a little late to the party on their 001, in fact it wasn't till I was talking with Martin Hayes and the rest of the Sleazy Beats crew that I got round to catching the release on Soundcloud and I ran straight down to Phonica to grab myself a copy. A wise choice, it must be said.
With their second, equally impressive release dropping last week, we wanted to shine a bit of a spotlight on this new label so I had a chat with head honchos Théo (G2S) and Clément (Malouane) to get the low down on their project. When these guys speak about their label, the tracks they're putting out and the artists they are choosing for their V.A's, you can tell right away that the love for the music is really there - this definitely comes across in the IAC releases. "Clément and I met in Paris a li…

Sleazy Peek: Ethyene - Riding In Daddy's Car [Kolour LTD]

Lyon-based beatsmith Ethyènehas been making quite some noise over the last year or two thanks to releases on the likes of Kyoku Records, Roots For Bloom, and Moonrise Hill Material (which he co-runs with his brethren Folamour, Kaffe Creme and Okwa). Up next in his discography is an EP with tenured American house imprint and Sleazy Beats kin Kolour LTD, titled "Clubs, Dubs & Rubs". The effort is jam-packed with E's signature midtempo French touch style; clever filtering, boom-bap influences on the kicks and claps and big ass basslines.

Which brings us to the next entry in our Sleazy Peak series. Our Montrealer homies Bolting Bits already set up the reveal for A1 on the record - "Truth About The Unseen" - a vintage feeling, chunky disco dub built on familiar strings and filtered vocals. The track in focus today will instead be the second cut, "Riding In Daddy's Car". A big kick clap combo helps chaperone the filtered, rolling bassline gradually…

Ponty Mython - House for Sale (Better Listen Records)

What if Better Listen Records continues (and I can reassure you they will) to release such tasty stuff? The DC-based label's second missive is another sure shot. Only two releases in, and the imprint already made a lasting impression. 
Back in 2012, Ponty Mython released hs first record as part of a wave of new and exciting Russian producers, laying out the groundwork for his own branch of glitterball-infused, grainy house. After a smattering of releases on the likes of Dirt Crew and Quintessentials, Ponty Mython lands on BLR with an uncompromising 5-tracker, flecked with the kind of dancefloor intelligence I personally like so much: heavy disco-funk samples and properly crafted beats that won’t allow you to waste time at the bar.
Let’s start with A1, “Checkmate”, which goes straight for the hips with a solid groove. The syncopated piano blends seamlessly with the bass sample and grabs you from the get-go. Some fine vocal work and marimbas in the second half make for one mean bastar…

Felix Leifur - In General EP (Dirt Crew)

The deep house game in Iceland has hit a new level of late, with the Lagaffe Tales boys, along with Felix Leifur, David & Hjalti and Moff & Tarkin, all releasing sublime records throughout 2016 to put the coastal capital of Reykjavik firmly on our musical radar. In particular, Felix Leifur’s debut EP on Dirt Crew - ‘The Sunday Club’ - really struck a chord with me. His wonky, inventive take on house is as intriguing as it is delicious and his use of samples is nothing short of artwork.

Up next is his new six-tracker ‘In General’, again on Dirt Crew, which is the perfect follow up and leaves nothing to be desired. Moving straight into the A we have ‘Eyelids’, with its clunky, mechanical percussion, infectious piano line and the occasional contribution from Minnie Riperton. The ideal introduction into exactly what Leifur is all about. A lil’ bit more moody this time, but with the same LFO’d piano refrains that delicately lace each track. The cheeky trumpet riff that floats in …

Huerta - LK Tapes (Let's Play House)

Welcome to February gang. It's not only the month of Abraham Lincoln's birth and seasonal affect disorder (SAD), it's also proving to be a smash for new releases. Plus, I suppose it's as good a time as any to make my Sleazy debut.

If you're like me, you're already over the cold weather and ready for more daylight hours. Enter this cheeky little four-tracker in the inbox from my pal, Huerta. It was almost like the dance gods were smiling down on me and heard my cries for warm vibes and margaritas.

As an L.A.-born, Berlin-based producer and instrumentalist, Steve Huerta is no stranger to bringing sunshine to those who need it. Since making his home in Europe, he's put out some truly solid EPs on Dirt Crew Recordings, Aus Music, Manucci's Mistress, and his own Amadeus Records. The latter he co-runs with fellow expat Urulu.

His first release on NYC's prominent Let's Play House, Huerta presents a beautiful soundscape fit for wearing headphones in be…

Sleazy Peek: Funken Wavetropi - Easy Time (Whyte Numbers)

We're delighted to present the second installment of our Sleazy Peeks premiere series, which comes courtesy of Blaq Numbers vinyl-only offshoot Whyte Numbers. We get to share Funken Wavetropi's 'Easy Time' with you, an amazing heads-down, lights-out affair with some magic tropical boogie dust sprinkled over it, just the way we like it. Pop it on below and scroll down to read more about our love/hate affair with promos, Whyte Numbers and the release in question, that should be out any day now.

I remember raising my eyebrows a couple of years ago when 'bigger names' started complaining about 'having to wade through promos', accompanied by loads of 'mehs' and 'oh the horrrors'. It seemed a bit rich to me to moan about people offering you music, just like that, gratis! Can you imagine this happening in any other industry? Free tools of the trade, and what does the professional do? Complain about it on the internet? Didn't think so. But …

Crackazat - Coffee Time (EUREKA!)

Over the last several years, Swedish producer Crackazat has solidified his position on the global house scene via his close-knit association with the Local Talk label, also based in Sweden. After a grip of EPs, one long-player, several remixes and one-offs for the imprint, it's hard to think of Crackazat and not include Local Talk in your ruminations. Despite all this, 2017 kicks of with the man doing just that; breaking molds and conceptions about himself and inaugurating (for us yankee's, there's been a lot of that going on around these parts) a new label with a lovely two-tracker in the form of "Coffee Time."

Enter, EUREKA!, an upstart label hailing from the land of the rising sun. With very little information on the world wide web concerning the lads responsible for this new institution, we can only hope that it's a sign of more to come. The presentation is lovely, from the natural, chip-board sleeve to the exquisite, watercolor fox painting on the logo …