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Mori Ra - Oriental Forest (Forest Jams)

Recently Guy & Kris asked for support to keep the Sleazy blog running and to bring fresh mojo to the sleazyverse. When Luvless told me about their cry for help I immediately wrote Guy and offered my help.
Some of you might know me from my productions as Martin Hayes for Razor-n-Tape, Rose Records and recently In Any Case Records.
I’ve been reading the blog since the early "gallery of awesome people“ days, to which I actually contributed a picture (mugshot obscured by skimpy knickers, if you have a copy of Frank Booker's record on Sleazy Beats, try and spot me on the cover!). Now let's get crackin' with my first review.
Possibly you’ve never heard of Mori Ra before, but that should change before long. The Osaka-based dj, record collector and producer managed to fly under the radar for a good while, but after a string of fantastic records on Macadam MamboPassport To ParadiseMost Excellent Unlimited and a recent sureshot edit of Yoruba Singers’ Black Pepper (on Left …

Pino D'Angio - Okay Okay (Editor's Kutz)

Hey all, Dries here, straight out of beautiful Brussels, Belgium. Happy and honoured to be a part of the Sleazy Beats family, and excited to be one of your guides on this never-ending tour through Choon-town. Next stop: Italia.

Ah, Italy. 

Il bel paese.
The beautiful country.

Pretty much my entire extended family and group of friends spontaneously starts getting lyrical when they talk about all the beauties and joys they've encountered on one of their many trips to the land of Cicero. 

I, myself, am not one of those Italophiles I'm affraid. Italian fashion is overrated, spaghetti bolognese tastes average at best, and - being a bronzed stud myself - I frankly don't get the fuss about Italian men neither.

But I f*ing LOVE italo-disco.

So when Editor's Kutz announced they'd be releasing a remastered original and a couple of remixes of Pino D'Angio, I spontaneously started baking pizza for the entire village.

On the A1 we find Pino's original 'Okay Okay', an ab…

Cuthead - Return Of The Sample Jesus (Uncanny Valley)

I'm the fourth new kid on the block that the dudes from Sleazy Beats Towers trust as one of their new editors. You may know me as Kian T, I make music, I'm passionate about synthesizers and wine and have been a staunch fan of the blog for a good while now.

Cuthead is back with a bang in the form of a new mini-LP on his own imprint Uncanny Valley called 'Return of the Sample Jesus'. The producer's hip-hop roots always shine through in his productions, sampling, carving up and blending many different styles to create something new. Sample Jesus wears his sound signature with pride. I love this type of mini-LP to death. While most of us are always on the hunt for dancefloor burners it's really nice to sink the needle on a collection of tracks that's more than the sum of its parts. The interludes really help the record flow and gel together. Plus it's Cuthead, so a comfy sofa and some red wine is in order.

Opening act “Real Estate” gets things going on a hi…

Mojo Filter - Dionne's Walk (Wah Wah Dubplates)

Continuing in the deluge of new voices emanating from the Sleazy Beats Blog... I'll do the honors in taking my first test drive on the new-review-crew highway. The Silver Rider here, Texas based producer/DJ and known affiliate to the Smokecloud Records and Whiskey Disco camps; it's an honor to step up to the plate for Kris & Guy and hopefully provide you fine readers with something that isnt's complete drivel. Enjoy!
When it comes to cosmically drenched, exquisitely executed edits, look no further than Mojo Filter...I myself couldn't be helped when it came to this tasty little 45, available now on Wah Wah Dubplates. This hand-stamped beauty may look low-budget on the surface, but rest assured, both sides are absolutely lovely and see the Filter re-rub some wonderful cuts from Dionne Warwick and Nina Simone. Up first is "Dionne's Walk" which kicks of with syrupy percussion riffs and 'verbed-out string fills before plunging into the sample source a…

LK - Party People (Shall Not Fade)

As my friend Lars mentioned in the last review, a few of us have assembled to form a new, all-star-like cast here at the Sleazy Beats blog. We look forward to introducing the crew as the posts go up! As for me, well, some of you might know me for my writing work at The Dance Party Chronicles and Bolting Bits. Anyway, enough of that. We've got an EP to review!

Leeds-based producer Jordan Saxton - perhaps better known for his (other) production alias, Viers - has employed the moniker LK to unleash some brilliant, moody, sample-tinged deep house music on the likes of Roots for Bloom, Quartet Series, Ruff Draft and Shall Not Fade (the latter as a repeat offender). Party People is the beatsmith's sophomore EP on Shall Not Fade's main run, after a quick detour of contributions to the imprint's white label, edit-leaning series. It's a nice follow-up to the critically acclaimed smasher of an EP in Keion, so let's take a gander.

The occasion begins with "Gettin Re…

COEO - Disco Volante (Razor-N-Tape Reserve)

Recently Kris and Guy have opened up the pearly gates of the Sleazy Beats blog to a small handful of contributors who are going to be working towards keeping this great platform alive whilst they dedicate some time to cooking up some magic in the Make Believe Disco cauldron. First up is me - Lars, from London - with a word on a new offering which is a dead cert to be a record bag regular...

Razor-N-Tape have been consistently killin’ it this year with a string of releases from the likes of Fouk, Loz Goddard and Martin Hayes. Next to grace the Reserve is Munich-based duo COEO who have been making a big impact with a few top 12’s and a jam-packed gig schedule. The 'Disco Volante' EP slips perfectly into Razor-N-Tape’s roster and the four tracks that feature are exactly the right blend of disco-soaked house that we’ve come to expect when dropping the needle on the label’s colourful disks.

The A-side kicks us straight off with ‘Like It Is’, a rolling four-to-the-floor hit which ev…

Closed Paradise - You/Lotus (CPR-001)

I was chatting with France's Closed Paradise a good while ago when he mentioned he was sitting on two tracks that were really personal to him and needed a good home. That particular chinwag ended up with us sending over some info and links to mastering engineers, cutting studios and pressing plants, as Mathieu figured he might as well take the plunge and start his own label. I love it when ideas like that actually come into fruition and the mailman drops off a copy of the finished record a few months later. I've said it many times before, but one of the main reasons we've stuck to our vinyl-only policy is that we all spend way too much time behind a computer screen, relying on services that are stored in some abstract 'cloud'. Without going all 'Black Mirror' on you, there's something immensely satisfying about manufacturing records - actual, physical items you can show your gran.

The A-side of the record is reserved for 'You' and you'll on…

New Franklin Theory - Overhill Road Variations (Outplay)

A new release on Fouk's Outplay is always something to look forward to, but their latest missive is cut from truly extraordinary cloth. At first glance it might seem Hans and Daniel are introducing a new name to the fold, but don't let your tinitus fool you, we're dealing with someone we know all too well. We've never been ones to spoil the fun though, so we'll let you figure out who is behind the handle on your own.

On to the music then: two different takes of the same track. Overhill Road Variation #1 is an uptempo swirly bumper of a tune that wouldn't have been out of place on a Mantis record, one of my favourite deephouse imprints back in the 90s that released incredible records by producers like Brooks and Atjazz. Flip over for Overhill Road Variation #2, a slightly slower rendition that lets the track breathe a little more. The drums on this puppy are insane, and it grooves like a proverbial bastard and comes with a generous serving of perfectly off-beat…