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Diamond Jackson - Streets (Arcane)

Every once in awhile, something extraordinary comes along. Something that reminds you why you fell in love with this house business in the first place. Something that tugs on your heartstrings and makes you shuffle uncontrollably at the same time. Something that makes you drop what you're doing and run to your local record store, worried that it might be sold out by the time you get there. Something that makes you cycle home all bent out of shape because it was in fact sold out but keen as a commander on finding it somewhere, anywhere, that very same day. Something that makes you doubt whether your trusted dealer of the black stuff will be able to get and and makes you spread your chances, even if it means you have to pony up silly money for a copy and end up with doubles because in the end your dealer always comes through. Something that makes you smile from ear to ear when the postman drops it off a few days later. Something like Diamond Jackson's The Streets, produced by T…

ThatManMonkz - February Mix

I had the pleasure of hanging out and having a few beers with Scott 'ThatMan' Moncrieff when he was in town for ADE last year. He'd just wrapped up his album for Delusions of Grandeur and sent it off to get mastered and cut, so a bit of a celebration was in order. Fastforward a couple of months and 'Columbusing' is just around the corner. The title seems particularly well-chosen. Monkz didn't do the formulaic house album thing - two downtempo tracks, three skits, 2 midtempo tunes and 5 peaktime bangers - but explores the boundaries of contemporary basement club music instead, working with a string of vocalists to create a coherent and timeless collage of soulful deepness. This guy is the real deal.

Columbusing is out on the 26th on Delusions of Grandeur. You can stream a preview of the album below. Or simply do the needful and buy it here

Scott kindly provided us with a killer promo mix that should please the heads and the disco aficionados alike. Fresh mess if …

Hauke Freer - Winter's Blessing (Mixtape)

Hauke Freer - one half of Session Victim - got in touch a few days ago after wrapping up a mix using old soul, disco and rare groove records he picked up for sampling purposes but ended up loving so much he just had to string them together. Proper mixtape vibes - fade in / fade out - programmed by a DJ whose love for soulful grooves is second to none. Have a listen below and you'll find yourself pillaging Discogs before you know it.

Keep an eye out for more Session Victim goodies coming soon:

Session Victim - Got The Juice will appear on Frank Music (5 year sampler)
Session Victim - Came To Be Alive will come out on a Delusions of Grandeur sampler

The lads are gearing up for a new release on their own Retreat imprint as well. Retreat 18 - Retreats Vol. 1 - will be out in April and features remix by Nebraska, Quarion and Session Victim.

Bodywork /w Admin & Yanis

The Bodywork crew invited us over for their 2nd birthday party at The Crofters Rights on the 26th of February in Bristol. Can't wait to meet Admin & Yanis, the Bodywork DJs and play some records (last time Kris and I played together was at About Blank in Berlin so it's About Time). Bags packed with trusted secret weapons, cheeky disco, sleazy basement gear and upfront material, ready for deployment.

The crew put together a rather sleazy promo video, check it out below.

If you're out and about on the 26th, come say hi and have a dance!

The skinny on the party

The Glue / Rulefinn - Stomperud / Kommafeil (UntzUntz)

I say! Break out the bubbly squiah! Bergen badasses The Glue - aka our favourite bear and bunny duo aka Tarjei and Lars Erik to their mums are out with another Glue dancefloor annihilator on their (along with Sir Eirik Fagertun III aka Pastors') Berlin/Bergen based UntzUntz imprint. Finally. These guys take aaages between releases (which we kinda like, they really couldn't be arsed to whore themselves out). But as can be seen from their output they're more than adept in the studio, but really have a thing for modesty and completely refuse to post and shout incessantly on social media. All class, no uhm - pass? Sass? Or something.

Anyways, their last maxi disc was their Q&A release almost 3 years ago, and that one has honestly barely left the bag, and if it did it was only to replace it with their ace Broken Heart tune from 2011.  So, the record in question here is this monstrous 12" with the boys on the A-side and fellow norwegian Rulefinn on the flip. Things kic…