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Peter Clamat - Stretch The Truth EP (Uknowy)

Without a doubt one of the niftiest things about running our little label & blog is that sometimes some kind souls are warm-hearted enough to send us fantastic little care-packages containing their current or forthcoming labours of love. It's especially nice to receive not only some kickass upcoming bits on hefty 12", but when the guys running things also turn things up to eleven and the package contains the whole 9 yards: not only great music on record plus a full-colour sleeve, and download code, but also tons of stickers, and the icing on the cake - a lovely handwritten note. All sent by carrier pigeon too, as should be expected.

The lovely lads in question are those behind new label Uknowy (see whut they did there) - based in Munich, and have snagged the talents of house music don & eclectic composer Niels Hofheinz aka Peter Clamat of Big Bait fame, with a remix by our good pal Daniel Lesemann no less, to be featured on their debut twelve.

The record starts off w…

Loz Goddard - Whisper To Me (Secret Reels)

Following on a strong EP on Fouk's Outplay, Loz Goddard steps up to the plate for an EP on Secret Reels, the label run by Purple Velvet. It's been fascinating to see Goddard's sound evolve from fairly clean and straightforward sample-based deephouse to ever more raw and slightly left of centre basement gear with intricate melody lines and a ton of swing over the course of a few releases. The 'Whisper To Me' EP is easily his most accomplished and well-rounded effort to date. 'A Way We All Accept' on the A bumps and grinds in all the right places with it deep drums, strings and chopped up vocals. It reminds me of the classic stuff that used to come out on Jamie Thinness' Seasons label in the late 90s. Have a listen below, belter of a track.

Also on the A is Fifth Flight, a moody shuffler with sweet, yearning vocal loops and smooth acidic melody lines.

Junktion rewires 'A Way We All Accept' on the flip with the flair and panache we've come to …