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Paxton Fettel & Norm de Plume - Kobenhavn:London EP (Plumage)

We've been staunch fans of Paxton Fettel - or Nic, to his gran - ever since we discovered his EPs on Greta Cottage Workshop. While Kris has been hanging out with oul Nic on the reg in Copenhagen, I didn't get to meet this Danish Wunderkind yet, so you can imagine how excited I was about getting to warm up for him this weekend here in Amsterdam with our Midnight City pals. Sadly, that party got cancelled (open air venue, shite weather an ting), messing up our plans and ploys (Cliff's notes: stick on the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack from start to finish and get stinking drunk) for the evening.

Norm de Plume - or Pash, to the postman - must be blessed with prophetic powers, as he promptly offered solace by shape of a square brown cardboard mailer containing a test pressing of the next release on Plumage. So picture me sitting here, dabbing away at bitter, bitter tears, sticking on Kobenhavn : London and  * poof * disappointment > gone with the wind. Because this little ditty …

Session Victim - Two Man House Band (Retreat)

It's been two years since Session Victim's last EP on their own Retreat imprint. Session Victim have hardly been resting on their laurels though.  Releasing their second (and immense) long player on Delusions of Grandeur, developing their liveset and playing pretty much every club on the globe worth its salt means finding studio time has simply been a challenge for Hauke and Matthias. As always with these lads, it's been well worth the wait. The 'Two Man House Band EP' offers vintage Session Victim grooves that encapsulate both their broad musical outlook and their love for live instrumentation.

Summer Games on the A is a beast of a tune with so much drive it would do Jeremy Clarkson proud. Deep drums, a smidge of cowbell and guitar lines propel things forward. Vocal snips, synths and small, clever details weave in and out in until the tension rises to epic proportions. I can't wait to give this a whirl over a decent system and watch mayhem ensue.

Flip over fo…

Saine - Small Remedies (Fools & Fables)

The third release on Fools & Fables comes courtesy of Finnish beatsmith Saine, who shows some remarkable diversity on his 'Small Remedies' extended player. 'Blush' on the A is silky smooth downtempo headnodding gear, 'Can't Keep Us' on the B could be filed under deephouse for discerning adults, 'Casual' and 'No Rush' sound like they could have been made by Jazzanova in their halcyon days and saine even flexes his hip-hop muscle with 'Leisure Song' and Scene', two delightful slices of instrumental mushroom jazz. You could rightfully question how objective all of the above is, seeing as we have more than one finger in this particular pie, but when the savvy folks over at like it, you know you're onto something decent.

Out now on limited 12" vinyl over at Juno, Piccadilly, Phonica and all the other usual suspects

Admin - Black Ops Guestmix

Quick one to point you towards a new mix we're hosting on our Soundcloud page. It's a bit of a special one too, as it's done up by Admin, the man behind the controls of our next Black Ops release, using only his own productions - including the three bits we managed to snap up for the 'Super Lover EP' - bar a smidge of Miles Davis. There's something instantly likeable about Admin's dusty, summery, sample-heavy sound. Press play and you'll see what we're on about.

In other news, we have a fresh stack of wax to review on here, including Session Victim's new one on Retreat (badass as ever - thanks a million for sending it over Hauke!) and a new 12" on Tony Travolta, a project by Damiano Von Erckert that has us all weak in the knees, so keep 'em peeled. Oh and Saine's 'Small Remedies EP' is out next week too after many, many delays and setbacks. Things are looking up!

Summer's finest (Penitence post)

Good grief, we've been slacking...two months of radio silence is unbecoming behaviour for a pair of semi-serious bloggers, especially given the torrential influx of absolutely incredible fresh wax. Our stack of 'records we really need to write about' slowly but surely grew into a metaphorical mountain that seemed a little daunting to climb this summer, so instead of working our way through the piles one by one, we figured we might as well serve up our seven favourite records of the summer season in one fell swoop. We'll be better from now on. Pinky swear and then some.

Jack J - Atmosphere (Future Times)

Jack J's Atmosphere was always going to be in this list wasn't it? As it's going to be in every 'best of 2015' list worth its salt. I love every second of this track. The sweet piano lines, the depth, the warm pads, that murderous slap-bass, the killer loose percussion, the sloppy claps, it oozes class and proper musicianship. Jack J is in a league o…