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Long Weekend Records 002 - VA Sampler

Ahhh, first record review of 2015. To celebrate let's make it a gooder, shall we? Long Weekend Records. Mmmm, yes - the label in question holds a bit of a special spot in our hearts. Finally, after long ado (2 years later no less), after the utterly spectacular first release by co-label boss Boris 'The Noodleman' Babich - we're treated to the imprints' sophomore outing. The Toronto-based label is doing things a bit differently than most - offering up a sincerely special package to collectors. These guys are not only choosing fantastic music by talented and sometimes obscure artists but also aesthetically taking the boutique limited hand sprayed thing to the next level. Hand painted centre sticker, oh yes. Not only that but also featuring hand stamped outer sleeve - from a hand carved stamp. Hand carved stamp was carved using an endangered narwhal tusk. Narwhal was rescued from the jaws of a siberian white tiger, and...well you get the idea. Uber fresh, we laaike.

Our favourite records of 2014

I'm almost past my disappointment of Santa failing yet again to drop off a DJR 400 this Christmas. Even a pair of Shure Whitelabels wasn't in the cards. That old geezer sure is turning into a stingy bastard isn't he? (I might do up next year's letter to the bearded philantropist in comic sans, that might win him over). Really shouldn't complain though, as we've had another incredible year. We got to release three records on our Black Ops imprint, which all sold out in a flash. Saine's EP went so quickly we were accused of being 'misguided elitists' on Discogs for sticking to our guns and not repressing it (!). Andy Hart's 'Love Technology' and Luvless' Part of Me were met with the same frenzy - thankfully without the aforementioned online abuse so far. After a proper pressing drama at the tail end of 2013, our side project Fools & Fables also finally came to fruition this year and we're really proud of the first two release…