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Luvless - Part of Me EP (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)

Have you heard the one where the TNT delivery van goes missing and takes a week and a half to find its way to the distributor? Yeah we didn't think that was a particular funny one either when we were inches away of missing the last shipment of the year, but lo and behold, here she is: our third release of 2014. A little over a year ago we got sent a promo of Luvless' killer Turning Point EP on the class Rose Records imprint. The promo package came with the original version of 'In My Arms', but only the OOFT remix made it to the 12" back then. We fell hopelessly in love with the track though and - being the selfish bastards we are known to be - we talked Luvless into letting us put it out as part of an EP.

Much like making eyecontact with a stranger in a train whilst eating a banana, writing a review of your own record is a bit of a faux-pas. Thankfully, the kind souls over at Disco Belle wrote a review we'll gladly share with you:

"In the hallowed halls o…

Floor Jammers Vol 2 w/ exclusive guestmix - People Must Jam

Our favourite Australian imprint is back with its third release of the year and continues to impress with it's open minded A&R strategy. After Mark's Seven's glorious exploration of deeper territories and Inkswel's adventures in boogieland, Floor Jammers Vol. 2 takes things right back to where things started off with the label: the disco.

If you're going to release a V.A. with disco edits, who you gonna call? that's right, Rahaan. His Cosmic Lust is a delightful uptempo disco nugget full of swing, sweet keys and cheeky sax. Just try to sit still to this, I dare you. One of Rahaan's finest reworks to date, should get any floor shaking.

Rahaan shares his side of the record with Andy Ash - a trusted name in discerning disco circles - who serves up a meaty, driving chunk of beatdown disco with some sugarcoated vocals and nasty basslines (can't remember the source material for the life of me but I'm pretty sure I have this on a record somewhere).

Payfone - Paradise (Golf Channel)

Golf Channel hit a proper purple patch this year, releasing some of the freshest mess around. Waldewar Schwartz's 12" was one of the summer's best releases, we've been playing the Mind Fair singles and LP to a messy pulp and based on the previews of a forthcoming release by Cherry Garcia it's safe to assume Phil South will just keep churning out winner after winner. One of the label's records that seems to fly under most people's radars is Payfone's recent Paradise EP, which is odd, as everyone I play this record to seems to love it to bits right off the bat.

I don't know much about Payfone, but Discogs tells me it's a new project by a London-based producer called Phil Passera, who had a record out last year on Slate's States, featuring a pair of heavy-hitting squelchy boogie meets proto-house workouts. Payfone's record for Golf Channel isn't a mile off from that debut release, but the producer takes a slightly deeper, moodier appr…

Jex Opolis - DZE (Good Timin')

Jex-muthafreakin'-Opolis! Who dis cat you ask!? Well so did we. If you must know (and even if you don't, we're gonna tell you) he's a fellow canuck from the land of glaciers and dogsleds, and also just so happens to be a fantastic producer and spectacular ivory tinkler. The gent also runs his own label, Good Timin' out of his homebase igloo in icy Toronto. He's a mysterious character, self-described as 'a Toronto-based musician and DJ with a long and painful musical history'. Not a whole lot else out there about him. His third release to date this, and one which he's arguably hitting his stride. If anything else we'll say this, fans of Suzanne Kraft & Tornado Wallace will not be disappoint.

'DZE' on the A is a painfully wicked journey through breezy steel drum & key territory. Heavy bass kicks on-the-one and a jazzy chorus anthem backs all the hype when it kicks in. Live ivory (livory?) further in the tune create such atmostpher…