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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - 'Open 24 Hours' Ep (Whiskey Disco)

It's no secret we've been devoted fans of all things Whiskey Disco since pretty much the halcyon days of Sleazy Beats; pre-label where we were just busy blogging away, MOOB. If you care to, take a quick scroll all the way back to the first page on this here little blurg and you'll quickly notice that the first actual review from way back in summer 2009 is of a Sleazy McQueen 12" - Whiskey Disco ambassador and founder. Ah how serene and pure those days were, before we became ultra-jaded sleep-deprived jackalopes.

Jump in the time machine and hit 2014 where our man Schleazy is still running WD with reckless abandon and furious anger. He's done so with great success I should add, and all the while upholding a smattering of dj dates worldwide: Asia, South America, Europe and South Africa all this past summer if I'm not mistaken. His beloved Whiskey Disco label is no longer in its' infancy, as you can imagine, but rather has just rounded out its early thirties…

Jimmy Chambers - You Can't Fight It /w Riccio Rerub (Fly By Night Music)

Jimmy Chambers: "For me this record has never been release before - the Riccio Rerub sounds so fresh! I nearly forget how good it was”
So, imagine Italian beatsmith par excellence Riccio sitting at home, watching the box, shooting the shit, when John Carpenter's classic  'Assault on Precinct 13' (1976) comes on. He sits up a little straighter as the movie gains momentum and quickly bins his idea of hitting the sack early for a change.  When the credits come rolling in 90 minutes later with the lead tune of the movie's soundtrack, Riccio pricks up his ears and does some late night research. He finds out it's Jimmy Chambers' 'You Can't Fight It' - a mean disco bomb with crazy bottom-end, growling, haunting synths and driving blaxploitation horns Carpenter himself penned down for the movie - a track that never saw a proper commercial release. Five minutes later Riccio whips out his credit card and forks out 50 bones for the one promo 7" cop…

Dj Raw Sugar & Roland the Realest - Love Sexy EP (Love Sexy Records)

Just as we were getting going into the meat of our set at About Blank in Berlin last weekend, we happened upon a couple who was strolling across the dancefloor, and the dude was carrying a couple of records. Being the curious cats we are, we called them over to the booth to ask what they were. Little did we realize at the time, it was none other than Dj Raw Sugar and his partner in crime Milly James, and one of the records was for us - his maiden voyage release on his new imprint, Love Sexy Records. What a gent! Turns out they've just recently moved back to Berlin after a long stint back in Australia, and to coincide with the move back to Europe, they've started up Love Sexy Records as an outlet for his productions. SO here we are with the first release on LSR - the 'Love Sexy Ep', featuring 2 killer original productions alongside a rework from antipodean bad bwoy, Inkswel.

Before getting into the record, we should probably point out that this first release came out a…