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Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy - Hidden Love/Mystic Trip (Fasaan)

Fasaan is quickly turning into one of my favourite imprints around. The Mälmo-based label and its in-house production outfit Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy continues to impress with its organic approach of contemporary disco, which relies heavily on live instrumentation instead of samples, loops and compression.

The duo's latest missive is a breathtaking two track affair and arguably the label's best release yet. 'Hidden Love' on the A-side is a slow chugger propelled forward by a monumental slap bass line, a cowbell panned all the way to the left channel, a killer guitar hook and perfectly placed strings. The Swedes string all these elements together in a delightful arrangement that will have you snap your neck, tap your feet and reach for your Wayfarers. Or whatever it is you hip kids wear these days.

Flip over for 'Mystic Trip', a mesmerizing midtempo workout with crisp percussion, more sweet guitar action and that killer live bass again. Small elements kee…

Lodger - Odoo/Afro Cuts (Stamp)

Remember those Sade edits by Vin Sol & Matrixxman that had the industry collectively creaming its pants a while ago? Yeah so I didn't quite get the hype, sounded like decent deephouse tracks with Sade's vocals layered on top a bit sloppily to my tired old ears, so I passed on both releases. The third release on the somewhat unimaginatively called Stamped (which comes with - you guessed it - handstamped artwork) is an altogether different beast though. Sweet, sweet Sade gets the boot and Vin Sol & Co scoot over for a pair of monstrous Fela Kuti reworks by a dude called Lodger. I have absolutely no idea who this chap is, but he sure knows how to whip up some dancefloor dynamite and seems to share my love for King Fela so I like him already.

The Nigerian funk overlord's 'Overtake Don Overtake Overtake (ODOO)' gets flipped on its back first. Lodger manages to turn the mellow, meandering original into a proper party anthem, adding some crunchy drums and upping …

Bonnie & Klein - Beautiful City (Uber)

In case you're wondering why sometimes it's nothing but tumbleweeds on here for weeks and then a plethora of reviews all of a sudden: we're a lazy and temperamental bunch. We also tend to order records from Ed Davies (a Mensch of truly epic proportions, more on him later though as we're working on a special feature on selling records anno 2014) who 'stashes' stuff for us until he has a small box ready to go, which means we get new records in about once a month. I just opened the latest parcel good ole Ed sent over and the inaugural release on new 'Is It Balearic' offshoot Uber was the first to pop out of the box so I might as well start with that one right?

According to the hype sheet, Bonnie & Klein are a duo from Greece and this record is meant as sort of a homage to their hometown. Must be quite the place if this record is anything to go by. 'Beautiful City' on the A is a lush, slowburning slice of captivating balearo-house that chugs ra…

Genius Of Time - Juno Jam (Running Back)

With the summer lull upon us, we're twiddling our thumbs a bit while the congested plants smooth out and we can get some records out in a few weeks. Meanwhile back at the ranch there's been a deluge of good records to snap up that have been tiding us over. Managed to step foot in my local shop Dorma 21 the other day to find a copy of the new Genius of Time 12",  'Juno Jam' on Running Back - and just looking at the package gave me an immediate semi, lovely artwork here. It's no secret we're big fans of the Swedish duos music though, we've snapped up most of the stuff they've done from the past couple of years - from their cheeky edit of 'Love Thang' on Verktyg to the couple of monsters on Aniara ('Same Old Place' is a bomb), to their deep, piano-madness house bomb 'Drifting Back' on Royal Oak, these guys have a knack for diversity in sound from release to release, AND always hit the spot in a big way - a feat many producers …