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Andy Hart - Sleazy Beats Guestmix

Andy Hart's 'Love Technology EP' on our own Black Ops offshoot should find its way to the racks of most decent record shops in a few weeks from now, something we're just a bit excited about. The Melbourne Deepcast boss has more tricks up his sleeve at the moment though, as he's slowly packing his bags for an impending extended European tour and is about to launch his new label 'Voyage'.

Meanwhile, back in Melbourne he's been been working on Wax’o Paradiso with Simon TK and Edd Fisher. 'We run a party together under the same name and play back-to-back for 8 hours or so. It started as a small thing Simon and I ran in a pop up bar and has now become something we’re really proud of'. Dashing mister Hart also just just finished an EP for a new label which will hopefully see a release towards the end of the year. But wait, there's more still! 'I’ve also put something together for the 200th release of one of my favourite labels, which I can’t …

Dices presents Untitled Gear - Fields & Forest 001

There's much ado about deephouse these days. I've seen some dreadful features on the likes of Vice, where a host of uninspiring quasi-famous electro bandwagon-jumping helmets gets to pick its favourite deephouse records and subsequently fails epicly to actually come up with a track that even remotely resembles what Larry Heard had in mind. I've developed a serious bit of bottled-up hatred for the genre as such, just by wading through some of the the junk on Juno that gets labelled as deephouse. But then something like Dices and Untitled Gear's Fields & Forests 001 release comes along and my faith in humanity is restored yet again.

We already knew Dices from his collab with Vakula (a fabulous 12" we covered on here ages ago), According to the press release, Untitled Gear is 'a collection of artistically minded individuals from the St. Petersburg Area, encompassing musicians, producers, photographers and singers'. I never quite know how to picture '…

V.A. - Crumbs 02 (Crumbs)

The second release on Crumbs, a new imprint shrouded in mystery, just hit the shops and it's a killer package, very happy we got our grubby mitts on a copy. The label's maiden voyage offered up some wonky leftfield synthy acid afro disco, a double header that keeps getting better with every play (ah that rare quality). It's gone from most shops too and we've been told it's a limited affair coming from one of the biggest guns of the industry (well, our end of the industry's spectrum anyway) so if you missed it, now would be a good time to start hunting down a copy.

The follow-up is slightly less experimental but still firmly embraces the wonkier side of disco. Tee Mango (who also made an appearance on a Millionhands record last year) takes care of A-side duties here with Into The Wild, a captivating squelchy synth fest, pushed forward by a relentless steel drum loop. Flip over for the real treats though, one of which being an Allenby Chilton's rerub of an o…

Martin Hayes - Modern Love EP (Rose Records)

After solo efforts by M.Ono and Luvless, Martin Hayes now gets to headline an EP on Rose Records, the exquisit boutique imprint the trio owns and operates, and does so with great panache. Hayes kicks things off with the J Dilla-inspired 'Heaven & Hell', an excellent slice of hazy instrumental hiphop. There's more badass leftfield hiphop to be found on the A side in the form of 'One Step Away' with big drums not unlike Tribe used to employ in their halcyon days.

Hayes also tries his hand at glitchy 80s boogie with 'Bring it On', a marvellous synthy midtempo burner with a killer hook. The classy deephouse workout 'You Are The One' on the B-side brings us back to more familiar territory with its driving drums and moody pads, while the lush 'Thrills (Basic Feelings)'  on the A side - our pick of the litter - epitomizes the Rose Records sound. Reminiscent of Tornado Wallace's seminal output for Delusions of Grandeur, it might be Martin H…

V.A. - If This Is House I Want My Money Back Vol. III (Permanent Vacation)

The third volume of the 'If This Is House I Want My Money Back' series just came out on Permanent Vacation, and it's a bit of a winner.  The Munich based label is one of those imprints that is very hard to pigeonhole: their output covers pretty much the full spectrum of machine-made music, from lush downtempo gear to tough and trippy techno, and their roster is both vast and varied, so you never quite know what to expect when they unleash a new release - other than that their quality control is of the highest standards. It's quite fitting the label has been releasing a series of compilations called 'If This Is House I Want My Money Back' then, the first of which we were all over because 6th Borough's seminal 'McLovin' was featured on it, a track we'd been creaming ourselves over for a good while. The ITIHIWMMB series (which has to be the worst acronym in the history of mankind by the way) showcase the impressive width and depth of what Permanen…

Junktion & Times Are Ruff - Funny Angle EP (Times Are Ruff)

So we've been meaning to cover this record for a few weeks on the blog, but other duties have popped up, but here we are, and what a doozy on our hands. We first heard about Junktion from his Slow Town release that popped up last september, along with Le Loup - a crackin' ep. But more recently the mysterious Dutchman dropped another shared 12" that seriously blew our socks off - on his own co-label, Outplay - also run by Daniel Leseman (one half of Fouk, with Junktion, aka Hans Peeman - who did the other side of the Outplay release, that we covered on these pages a couple months ago). Now here we are with another VA release - 'Funny Angle EP' on Times Are Ruff (another classy Dutch imprint). SO, it's all a bit of a damn mouthful, and hard to follow amiright? But basically all you really need to know is the music = bauce and these dudes = seriously on top of their game when it comes to button poppin' and knob fiddlin'.

Disco meets sample-heavy Chicago …

Midnight City w/ LTJ XPerience

The ace Midnight City crew are throwing another one of their infamous parties in Amsterdam on June 13th and they're having LTJ Xperience over for the Italian disco don's first gig in the Netherlands. We're thrilled to finally see this legde in action, we got to put out one his records back in 2010 (under his 'Beatdown Soundmachine moniker) but never got to actually meet.

So stop on by at Club Up in Amsterdam if you're around, LTJ is an exceptional DJ, the club is friendly and intimate and we get to bring a bag of records and support the Super Value/Hot Groovy boss alongside Jerotone and Halve Soul.

June 13th - Club Up - Amsterdam - NL

JKriv - Record Store Day Edits (Razor 'n Tape)

A bit late to the party maybe, but it took us a while to get a hold of this delightful 10" from the trusted Razor 'n Tape camp, and as there's no editor in chief 'round here we can pretty much do as we please. Originally released on Record Store Day (hence the title, stupid), this trio of edits by label boss JKriv found its way to most online vendors a while later, including our preferred supplier of the black stuff (more on him later,  as we're working on a special feature called 'diary of a vinyl pimp').

Even with their impressive back catalogue, featuring the cut and paste skills of grand maesters like Frank Booker and Dimitry from Paris, this nifty slice of clear blue wax is by far my favourite thing Aaron and Jkriv have put out. The sumptuous 'Dee's Keys' on the A-side is a particular fave. JKriv revisits Donny Hathaway's delightful jazzfunk workout 'Valdez in the Country' and gives this instrumental tune from 1973 a new lease…