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Stupid Human - Gang of Wolves (Stupid Human)

The formidable Stupid Human series was rumoured to have been terminated a while ago (the producer behind the classy reworks ready to move on to pastures greener and richer - that old chestnut), but blood really is thicker than water, so here we are with volume 6 and it's a right pearl of a release.

Stupid Human set up shop in 2009, the same year we launched our first release, and the seminal Swamp Funk on the debut 12" (and edit of Bobby Rush's I Wanna Do The Do) hasn't left our bags since (I have a great story about playing in a half-empty club in the UK a while ago where a mean-looking meatmountain of a man had been staring me down for a while and literally came running over to the booth when I played Swamp Funk, but I'll save that for later). We've followed the label closely ever since, collecting and cherishing the handful of releases that surfaced over the past few years.

Stupid Human's latest effort is all about the A side, reserved for Gang of Wolv…

6th Borough Project - In Your Arms (Delusions of Grandeur)

I've had a huge, huge soft spot for the 6th Borough lads for yonks now. While some of the bits Craig and The Revenge make individually these days are a bit too intense for my tired sleep-deprived ears (three years of incessant squealing from the kids have done more damage to my eardrums than two decades of listening to music at silly volumes), when they pair up in the studio, their touch is of the midas variety. This here EP 'In Your Arms' is a taster of their second longplayer for Delusions of Grandeur, called Borough to Borough. If this sampler is anything to go by, we're in for a bit of a treat, as Craig and Graeme's are 'en pleine forme' here, showing who's boss once more.

In Your Arms on the A1 is classic 6th Borough gear. A slow-paced shuffler with smooth piano lines, a slightly pitched up vocal and their trademark crips drums, you know. Also on the A-side is U Know U, my pick of the bunch. It's just as deliciously slow as In Your Arms but th…

Riccio - Never Go Away EP (Slow Town Records)

I'll keep this short and sweet, but Riccio has a new record out and, much like his last one for Fly By Night, it's top shelf tackle from the Italian beatdown disco overlord which deserves a few kind words. We've had the digital promo for yonks but we figured we'd wait for the wax to arrive before writing about it. Hard to take a neat picture of a bunch of mp3s now isn't it? Anyway, this latest puppy is out on Slow Town Records, on 10" vinyl - the format of champions - and provides two chunks of Riccio's trademark loopy, dusty disco. The title track on the A is a gentle groover, building on a sleazy slap-bass lick, looped strings and the hint of a vocal. Flip over for Glow on the B, the track the that had me all weak in the knees after the second bar. Spaced out sound effects over sloppy claps and a few mental stringy breaks to spice things up, what's not to like? Both tracks don't really 'go anywhere', there's not a dramatic buildup or…

Khalil Anthony - That Man Monkz Reworks * Shadeleaf Music / Exclusive Guestmix

That Man Monkz launched his 'Shadeleaf Music' imprint last year with a belter of a record, oozing a profound love for all things deep and detroit and complete with a remix by perennial favourite Chris Duckenfield. The sophomore release on the label is about to come out, a pair of reworks by Monkz of American singer Khalil Anthony. There's a big chance you've never heard of Khalil Anthony before (we sure hadn't) and That Man Monkz might be a new name to you as well. It's an incredible record though, on of those twelves where you can sense comes with a good story. So we got in touch with Monkz (or Scott to his postman) and had a brief yet most pleasant chat about the label, the new records and vinyl Yoda. He surprised us afterwards with an exclusive guestmix that we just stuck up on our soundcloud page, filled to the brim with moody deephouse from the likes of Ugly Drums, Soulphiction, Theo and Moodymann.

Monkz started producing and remixing a few years ago as t…