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Showing posts from May, 2013

Sleazy Beats: Special Ops Mix Vol. 2

We finally got around to recording a new mix after what seems like an eternity - kids, dayjobs and complaining neighbours, deadly cocktail. For this second volume of our 'Special Ops' mix series we went for low slung, sweaty basement vibes, featuring some of our favorite bits from the past years (Ben Sun, Move D, Rondenion), the inevitable bobs from our own catalogue (with a cheeky appearance of one of the tracks by Max Graef & Andy Hart that will be out soonish) and some new tracks as well (Genius of Time, OFFMSG, Small Giants). This is the kind of stuff we play when we play out, though if the beer gets flowing we always end up digging in the disco section of our bags. Hope you like!

Sleazy Beats in the U.S.A.

Kris just left Copenhagen for his annual trip to his beloved Canada, leaving me behind to hold down the fort, man the guns and keep an eye on the blog. I'm waiting for a ridiculous order of records to arrive, chock full of review-worthy goodies, but in the meantime there isn't much to report, other than that Kris will be playing a few dates in the U.S.A. this summer. We'll post up all the deets soon but if you live in the area, there's a Sleazy Beats party in Portland on June 8. So there.

Mathy K & The Funky Punch - M.D.M.K. (2DIY4)

As if there weren't enough mysterious and covert German artists around, kraut disco-funk trio Mathy K and the Funky Punch (re?) emerge on the scene with a new 4 track ep ripe enough to do the damage in our little world. Although their extremely tongue-in-cheek bio claims they began their musical escapades during the ripe year of 81', their band pics might suggest otherwise...
This lush full sleeved ep arrives on Hamburg based imprint 2DIY4, sister imprint of the Diynamic label run by the likes of tech/house big boys Stimming, H.O.S.H., Solomun, Adriano Trolio (and a bunch of other guys who are unknown to us - lackeys who fetch the coffee and bagels for the former 4 honchos we presume). A somewhat more cheeky, deep and disco output than Diynamic - 2DIY4 is one we'll be keeping a closer eye on after this monstrous ep by MKATFP.
As mentioned, we're talking 4 tracks of killer no filler - nothing diluted here. Kicking off the A, 'MDMK', and 'Unmodern Talking' …