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Session Victim - The Haunted House of House Pt. 1 (Delusions of Grandeur)

We've been long standing fans and supporters of the Session Victim boys, not just for their ability to put out such slammin tracks while staying relatively hidden from society (their press shots often feature them with record bags over their heads) but also of course for their brilliance they've managed to slap on wax over the past couple of years. Their home base label Retreat (which they co-own with Quarion) has perhaps seen some of their finest outings - a sleazy fave for example (although perhaps not their typical fare) 'On The Roll'; and not to mention more perhaps well-known beasts they've unleashed on Delusions of Grandeur such as 'Million Dollar Feeling' for one. But perhaps the best reason to love ze Berlin based duo is the fact that they are such staunch wax fiends. When they're not in the studio you can find them in many of the vinyl haunts in Berlin with dusty knuckles searching for the perfect beat. They're also a couple of the nicest l…

Rose Records - Various 2 (Rose Records)

Those kind souls from Rose Records sent us a copy of their sophomore release and it's absolutely magificent. We covered their debut outing last year and shed some light on the Leipzig-based collective that is behind the imprint. As before, it's a limited 12" release, only 250 copies were done up and they're all handnumbered (which is a really nice touch).

It's another sampler of sorts, with the three label owners all pitching in a track. M.Ono gets the entire A-side to himself for "Marble Hill", a glorious midtempo boogie workout with subtle drums and percussion and a lovely male vocal sample that keeps things interesting for the duration of the 7 minute flight. We used this track on a cheeky mix we got to do for the Beeb in Northern-Island, check it out here (it's the last track of the mix).

Flip over for Luvless' "Come On Closer", which - in spite of its leasurely pace - is a deep as you like moody number with sharp drums, eerie stri…

Get Down Edits - Guestmix

We've been seriously slacking on the guestmixes as of late, so we're happy the kind Get Down Edits crew were up for doing us a new one. It's a belter of a set too, expertly put together and chuckfull of amazing bits, ranging from moody downtempo tackle to fun disco nuggets. Actually, 'Fun' is  quite an apt description of what these guys are all about. Let me elaborate on that just a little. I don't get to play out nearly as much as I'd like to (I blame being a lazy as fck and terminally tired young dad), which means I usually DJ in front of a white and not so responsive white wall. Which will invariably lead to digging out the deepest and obscurest bits of house I have on the shelves. The funny thing is that on those rare occasions I do get to play out, I invariably start out with that same moody business, but as the night (and the alcohol consumption) progresses, I end up busting out full-on disco stuff and absolutely loving it. Which is where the Get Dow…

Rondenion - Volare (Faces)

More goodness coming in from the land of the rising sun, through the classy French Faces imprint to be more exact. It's Tokyo-resident and beatdown Don Rondenion delivering the goods, and his output is always worth a listen. We first cottoned on to Rondenion when his two EPs on Still Music came out back in 2005/2006 (still in heavy rotation now, incredible, timeless stuff). He's hardly the most prolific of producers, but over the past 6 years he's done a fair few records of moody beatdown house on labels like Aesthetic Audio, Parker Musicworks, Bosconi, Rush Hour and, more recently, on his own label Ragrange. In all honesty, it's been a bit hit and miss for me since those two Still Music records. While the Tokyo Deep! is one of my favorite records of all times, I really don't care for the Rush Hour releases and most of the tracks off the first two Ragrange EPs.

This latest EP definately falls into the 'hit' category though. In case you were wondering, tit…