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Climbing Girl / LA Groove (Tip2Chip)

Not much info on this cheeky 12", but I know it's from Japan, I know it's superlimited (only 150 copies pressed), comes in a plain white record sleeve and it's absolutely badass. Climbing Girl on the A starts out with a short organ break, before moving into a lovely midtempo deephouse groove with chuggy drums, loopy keys, a vocal snip and guitar licks that will immediately put a smile on your face. LA Groove on the flip sticks to the same formula: a killer midtempo groove, propelled forward by chunky drums, some sweet cowbells, guitar loops put in all the right places and a driving bassline. Both tracks don't really do all that much, but the little they do, they do so so well.

Essential purchase, really happy I found a copy while browsing the 'just in' section at Clone last week. It seems like all the fun stuff is coming out of Japan these days (which sucks actually, as these imports tend to be a bit pricey). Well worth it though, one of the best things I&#…

Free Magic / Jkriv - Chant & Sing EP (Discovery)

Every month on the second Saturday there is a disco party in New York. There may actually be several disco parties, but there is one in particular that you should know about and that is Discovery at Santos Party House in downtown Manhattan. This is the kind of disco that hosts guests such as Soul Clap, Lovefingers, Chez Damier, Jacques Renault and Hot Toddy. It is not the kind of night you want to miss! It only makes sense that the people running this show would start a record label of their own. A vinyl-only record label that does limited runs. And so in 2012 "Discovery Recordings" was born. This first release, the Chant & Sing EP offers two tracks from residents Free Magic and Jkriv.

Together they've created a couple of midtempo deep-house grooves that get things started properly. The first cut on the record is 'Chant'. As the title implies this is a hypnotic moody song with an African chant sprinkled throughout. Synth washes and subtle arpeggios …

Isodisco is two Party

The superfriendly ISODISCO boys kindly invited us to come over to Belfast and play at their second birthday bash next saturday (25th of February). We're bringing two big bags of records for a back to back set (yay!) alongside Ms. Carina Ramos, Bee and the ISO Disco DJs over at the Hudson bar. Fingers crossed we'll get the masters of SBR10 back in time before we head out so we can give it a whirl. If you're around, don't let our ridiculously good looks scare you and come give us a hi-five!

More info here / tickets on RA

Record cover project: we need your help!

As the Sleazy Beats series draws to a close (more info on that later) we're giving our record cover project one last push to see if we can make this little plan work. If you haven't read about it yet, here's the 411: we put out records, you buy them, but we've only met a handful of you. We're all about giving back to the community and all that jazz though and would love to offer you the chance to star on the cover of our very last release, which will be out in the spring of 2012. All you have to do is take a pic of you and your Sleazy Beats record(s) before the 15th of March and fire it over to

Whatever happens, you'll get a spot in our gallery of awesomeness (which you should check out for inspiration, as there's some quality mugshots from all over the globes to be found) but if we get enough pics in (50 more, give or take) the record sleeve will see the light of day. We really hope you can find a few minutes to humor us, it would be …

Discoshit - Strike A Pose EP (Rest)

First release on the newly minted Rest label, set up by trusted deephouse troopers Herb LF (Westpark Unit) and Phil Decker (Sensual Touch) as an outlet for their more disco-oriented output ('the spirit of the time' as they call it). I've been always been a staunch fan of Herb LB/Farside, so hearing about a new project coming out of this camp is always exciting. What's funny with this release is that you can totally picture the pair of them sitting around in the studio asking themselves 'what to do with this discoshit'. Setting up a new label was a good call, as we're not dealing with lazy deephousecuts with some disco loops, but proper moody, bassheavy chuggers with just the right whiff of 80s analog synth disco and boogie. The source material of title track 'Strike A Pose' isn't too hard to guess but the track is anything but obvious. Building upon Madonna's familiar synths/strings, they conjure up a lovely moody number with some badass Th…