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Sleazy Picks of the Year 2011

After today 2011 will be gone for good. Which is too bad really, as it was quite the year for us here at Sleazy Beats. We got to put out an awesome EP by The Francis Inferno Orchestra, whose profile skyrocketed in 2011 with releases on Melbourne Deepcast, Join the Dots, Kolour and a host of other fine imprints. We released a record with raw and sweaty beatdown tracks by newcomer La Tuerie from Milan, a producer who we'll be hearing more of in 2012 with records on Kolour and Foto. Then came SBR008, 'The Dirty Dancing Sampler', arguably our finest release yet with deep and moody tracks by Modsleep, The Noodleman, Dead Rose Music Company and Lord of The Isles (who's rapidly becoming one of the most interesting and versatile producers out there) . Right in time for the holiday season our 9th record came out, a big four-tracker by TDRMC that seems to be selling rather well at the moment. We also got to release a limited double CD with our friends from Wolf Music and Cosmic …

Pools - EP1 & EP2 (Spills)

As another year draws to a close, Kris and I are frantically trying to compile a list of our favorite tracks of the year. Quite the mountain to climb so to speak, with so many great records coming out over the past 12 months. The re-edit/slo-mo craze seems to have blown over a little bit and has given way to an exciting branch of moody warehousish deephouse that's a little rough around the edges but a little easier on the jugular than the stuff that came out in the 90s (I honestly can't handle 126 BPM house tracks anymore). More on that later though! (we now have a list of about 50 tunes we're trying to narrow down to our 10 absolute favorites. All we need is a few more bitchfights and we'll be ready to post it up before the end of the year).

Before we get to that, we want to turn the spotlight on two records that got shortlisted right away: Pools EP1 and EP2 on US imprint Spills. Two brilliant slices of deep, dubby and moody midtempo house-not-house/disco-not-disco …

The Dead Rose Music Company - Moody Manoeuvres EP (SBR009)

Our 9th release came out today, a 4-track EP by The Dead Rose Music Company, and we think it's a bit of a biggie (but then we would, now wouldn't we). Here's what the super awesome people over at Juno had to say about it:

"Sleazy Beats Recordings is now a must check label for disco aficionados, and this EP from the mysterious Dead Rose Company maintains the label's strong track record with the production outfit's biggest release to date. "So Into You" begins with a springy bassline providing the backbone for a musculature of warm synth flourishes, with the sharp guitar licks cutting through like the proverbial knife through butter. "Hankasheef" meanwhile takes an 80s vocal snippet whose source will be right on the tip of your tongue, and marrying it with a mid-tempo groove and glorious filter action leading to an epic climax. On the flip side, "Kissing In The Dark" opens with a lush string section which provides the backdrop to a…