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Rose Records

Rose Records is a new vinyl-only label based in Leipzig, one of former Eastern-Germany's largest cities, set up by five friends for all the right reasons: to get good music out, and (as they put it themselves) "combine the message of disco, the cheese of the 80s, the warmth of house music and everything else made with love". They sent us a beautifully cut and packaged numbered copy of their debut release, alongside a promotional CD (major brownie points for the vinyl look there guys!) and a good old fashioned hype sheet (remember those things always falling out of old record sleeves at flea markets?).

On the A side Luvless treats us to a Surrounder, a lovely midtempo deephouse workout that reminds me of the deephouse that Migs and Naked Music put out in the mid 90s with its swirly, moody pads, vocal samples and fresh drums. Flip over for Martin Hayes' Take Me', a pitched down boogie chugger. I'm a total sucker for those boogie claps (yeah that's right, …

Suzanne Kraft - Green Flash Ep (Running Back)

Here's a proper gem of a 12" that dropped a couple of weeks ago, but due to our extremely hectic schedules of sifting through piles of 130 bpm electro trash we couldn't get a little write-up done till now. Suzanne Kraft (I know right...who?) comes out nicely with a killer ep for Gerd Janson's always quality Running Back imprint. FYI Suzanne is actually a dude named D. Herrera from L.A., who has actually done some stuff before - but he's done a superb job flying heavily below the radar (check some of his other stuff here: For this 'Green Flash' ep we're treated to four glittery midtempo numbers that drip with sleazy loveliness. I reckon he's really nailed a kind of "Spirit Catcher sound" circa 5 years ago...which is not something to complain about IMO. These tunes have summertime all over them, chock full of the really feel-good chuggy fodder that we love.

My pick is …

Deep Space Orchestra / Ben Sun / James Johnston - Chrome Hand EP * Boogie Originals

Cosmic Boogie put together something really special for his fledgling Boogie Originals imprint. If you haven't heard the previous releases on the label yet, don't let the name fool you. The label's sound has little to do with gloopy 80s boogie but pushes a particularly enticing brand of deep, moody lo-slung house instead. On Boogie Originals' third release, current darlings of the blogosphere Deep Space Orchestra make an appearance, alongside Benjamin Sun and James Johnston, two of the friendliest and most talented producers in the deephouse industry. DSO's Chrome Hand is a swirly and chuggy technoid synthfest. Not something we'd play (too easy on the soul 'n sleaze) but I can totally see a festival tent going off properly to this. Voyeurhythms' prodigal child Benjamin Sun (seriously, he has so much talents it's not even funny) totally reconstructs DSO's cut, delivering one of the best tracks we've heard this year, a mesmerizing midtempo shu…

VA - I Love You But I've Chosen Disco (Kolour LTD)

A note just to let you know about the storm a brewin' over at Kolour HQ. As if they haven't been working hard enough in recent months dropping nuggets like their Norm De Plume release and their Tortoise Ep from their offshoot label Undertones, they now keep their white hot streak of releases firmly in place with a 4-tracker of e.pic proportions, doling out more of the stuff we can't resist. We simply love sampler records, not only do you usually get a nice variety (it's the spice of life, don't ya know) of tunes for those different sets some of us play, you also get to sometimes find out about new and exciting artists. This little sampler features the top talents of some hot blokes that have been making noise of late: Zoo Look (Tenth Circle, Sccucci Manucci), 78 Edits & Deadly Sins (Giant Cuts), and upcoming Bergen bad boys, The Glue (UntzUntz). Needless to say this ep has us literally quite weak in the knees.

Zoo Look kicks things off in fine form…

Nicholas - When I Think About (Foul and Sunk)

I came home a few days ago and found a brown record mailer on my doorstep. We tend to order records all over the place (it's that collector's itch I guess) but I wasn't actually expecting any packages for a change. As it happens we were dealing with a promo done the oldfashioned way: a proper test pressing with liner notes from the new Swiss Foul & Sunk imprint. Massive brownie points for taking the oldschool route here fellas!

The label aims to provide 'quality music for your dancefloor' and does exactly that on their debut release by our prolific Italian friend Nicholas. His 'When I Think About' is a vintage sounding, synth-heavy deephouse stomper with big drums and a classic vocal sample that keeps things going rather nicely. We've seen Nicholas tear The Horse and Groom apart in London playing these stylings, so you're in for a treat if you like your house classy, deep and with a raw edge. If you're not keen on wailing divas there's a…


We were sent a promo of this cheeky white label a couple of weeks ago and we've been playing it all over the shop ever since. Yes, we agree, the world needs another disco edits imprint about as badly as I need an asshole on my elbow, but this record aptly reminds me how much fun a good set of edits can be. 'Dance With Me' on the A is a superinfectious uptempo disco number with a Marvin Gaye loop, messy claps and subtle, gentle drums (no over-compression for a change, how refreshing). The A2 track is a mad acidic boogie squelcher. Not sure I'd play this myself but I bet it sounds wicked on a big rig. On the B-side of the record Barbara Mason gets a makeover that ticks all the right boxes. It's moody, nice and chuggy and lets the mere quality of the orginal song really shine through. The B2 track is an evil vintage jacking Chicago house track with analog sounding drums, 2 finger bass and cheeky 80s synth lines. Madness will ensue if you drop this at the right moment.