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Deadly Sins & 78 Edits - 7 Sins Vol. 1

It's no big secret that we're huge fans of the lads over at Giant Cuts, regardless of whether it's a small pub gig or a full on danceparty we tend to keep at least two of their releases close at hand in our pouches (Dance Star on #3 is simply a mint tune isn't it...and well, all of GC001 is just a beast as you probably know). Now we're treated to a similar gem in the form of a new maiden voyage 7" edit series called 7 Sins by, yep you guessed correctly - Deadly Sins and the rising star that is 78 Edits (how cool are these little 7 inch labels popping up recently!?). This little nugget contains 2 cuts here that groove, funk, pop and jump out in all the right spots for us. We reckon these producers have been progressing heavily with their output as of late, crafting increasingly drool-worthy and timeless soul/disco edit monsters as time wears on.

Deadly Sins gets first blows on the A side with 'I Can't Forget', bringing to life Ronn Matlo…

Zambon/Mental - Primitive Copies Vol. 1

Zambon, one of Poland's finest purveyors of spaced out disco, teams up with his buddy Mental on their new 'Primitive Copies' imprint. I've been keeping an eye on Zambon ever since I stumbled upon his soundcloud page, where he posted a stunning Fleetwood Mac edit about a year ago. He also took care of an ace Ruffjamz mix for the OOFT podcast series a few months back, so the man definately knows a thing or two about cooking up a solid groove.

Mental kicks things off on the A-side with I want to Know Where Dub is. In case that title got you wondering/worried: yes, we're dealing with a rework of Foreigners atrocious classic. Mental wisely went for a dubby approach, using only a few synth lines from the original track, layered over a tripped out groove with crips drums to great effect. Still not sure I'd play it out though, as it's simply impossible to 'shut off' the source material, which really does send shivers down my spine (and not in a good way).


Wolf Music, Cosmic Boogie, Sleazy Beats - I Wanna See All My Friends At Once (Sleazywolf001)

Well, we've just had our secretary here at Sleazy Towers check our highly sophisticated blogging aparatus (the Blog-o-tron 2000) and it seems we still haven't made any noise about our most recent project. The culprit is a sofar well-received compilation and partnership with our good friends from one of our favourite labels, the mighty Wolf Music, as well as mr. Cosmic Boogie aka Stu Robinson. The package contains two discs - disc one showcasing the skills of none other than Mr. Boogie, blending a slew of back cat sleazy and wolf music faves into a killer mix which puts to rest any wonder why Stu is one of the hottest dj talents on the circuit at the moment. The real joy however from a djing perspective will be from snapping up disc two, which contains ten out-of-print and un-mixed sleazy/wolf tracks from our ripe label beginnings.

We have been lucky enough to sell out a whackload of our releases to date (poof! like that, they're gone...) so here's your cha…

Andy Ash/Cosmic Boogie - Feel It (Boogie Originals)

Right, so after a fun-filled weekend getting down and dirty in Londonia it's back to business. Just a quickie here to let you know about the second installment in the superb Boogie Originals series. With their maiden voyage still firmly planted in the SBR recordbags the dynamic duo that is Andy Ash and Cosmic Boogie hit hard again with their sophomore outing entitled 'Feel It' that features four more juicy cuts. We've been rocking this release for a bit now and have become quite partial to the excellent oldschool feel of Cosmic Boogie's original take on the title track (especially pitched down a good chunk for good sleazy measures hehheh)...this is surely the one that's really been the real reacher for us. Next up one of our favourite disco don/heroes Toby Tobias takes care of business, coming correct with a darker and perhaps more tech version of the title version. On the flip Andy Ash takes the floor with 'Part Of This' along with a Soul…