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Fantastic Man - Plastic Fantastic (Kolour LTD)

If you're a record fanatic you're more than likely to have heard this latest offering from our friends from Kolour Recordings, which has been topping Juno's sales charts for a few days now. While Kolour's output is always on point they seem to keep the very best stuff for their Kolour LTD offshoot, and this release by Fantastic Man might be their biggest and baddest record yet.

Fantastic Man first surfaced on a sampler Wolf Music put out a while ago, delivering what was arguably the standout track on that release (no mean feat with when you're sharing a record with the likes of OOFT, KRL and Hunee). Inquiring minds wanted to know who this 'Fantastic' figure was, so we started looking and asking around, and guess what? We ended up in Melbourne. Again. As it turns out, Fantastic Man is Mic Newman's disco nom de guerre. I haven't really been following what's been going on in (deep)house land over the past few years, so Mic Newman was a new name for …

Eddie C / Koosh - Common Edits #2

A little while ago a most curious 7" popped up on Juno we were seriously creaming our pants over. With not a whole lot more to go on than an appearance by the enigmatic Koosh, we figured we were dealing with an offshoot project of the now defunct Seven Inches of Love series. Hand stamped 7" coming from Canada with Koosh, obscure edits of the deepest variety..."dearest Watson, I think we're onto something here". Well guess what, we were dead wrong. The man behind these lovely nuggets is Dane from Danksoul, who runs a record shops in Edmonton, Canada. Initially, the idea was to press up some neat 7" singles to hand out over at Dane's 'The Common' party in Edmonton. A UK distro got wind of what was going on over there and picked up a stack for a few stores in the UK, and *poof*, like magic, they were gone in 60 seconds.

After we posted a little writeup on these here pages, Dane got in touch to babble about music and being the absolute gent he is, h…

Melbourne Deepcast Records 001

I was having a chat with one of the guys from Kolour Recordings last week and we quickly reached the conclusion we should pack up and move both our labels to Melbourne, which is where all the action seems to be coming from this year.
Tornado Wallace, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Fantastic Man, Andy Hart, Weekend Express and a host of other talented DJs and producers are all based in what I've been told is easily Australia's most easygoing and culturally sophisticated city. This crew´s reign over the midtempo deephouse realm started last year and seems to be getting stronger by the day. Fantastic Man has a hugely anticipated record coming out on Kolour LTD, Tornado Wallace will soon be unleashing an EP on Instruments of Rapture and releasing another record for Delusions of Grandeur, Francis Inferno has tracks coming out on a whole bunch of different labels, and Weekend Express are topping Juno´s sales charts at the moment with a blinding record on Still Music´s Stilove4music offs…

78 Edits - Been A Long Time EP (Original Cuts 001)

So it's more or less been raining hot records for the past couple of weeks now. The new Memoryman on SWDE is simply smashing, Common Edits 002 is more or less to die for, and now we’re privy to yet another bomb: a cracking three tracker by 78 Edits aka Jamie Buchananout of Edinburgh (another ultra talented Scotsman, seriously what the hell is in the water over there). Original Cuts 001 is what we’re on about here, a maiden voyage that comes to us under the mighty Giant Cuts imprint – so obviously right there you can expect something along the lines of laid-back funky disco brimming with quality, class and of course plenty of soul that has become tight characteristics of the GC name.

‘Been A Long Time’ (probably my pick of the 12”), kicks things off with a loopy mid-tempo disco groover rocking in around the 100 bpm mark, just how we like em’. The disco strings are nothing short of sensational in this cut – they have so much feeling, carrying the tune effortlessly on thr…

Rayko & The Glue - Die For You (Untz Untz)

Forthcoming and highly anticipated track by a relatively new name for me, hailing from Norway (Bergen to be precise) The Glue along with Spanish remix and edit master Rayko unleash this pure beast of a 12", the third outing by the fantastic Berlin/Bergen-based Untz Untz imprint, that is likely to get a good few plays by myself this summer season. This limited red vinyl slice of pure loveilness kicks off with Rayko's "I Would Die For You" a driving uptempo edit of Prince's 'I Would Die For You". I don't know how many of our sleazy readers remember the 80s when Prince's original version came out, but I really loved this tune then (definitely showing my age here) and the edit does it justice in my humble opinion. It's got serious 80s edge and top flair that is quite likely to bring a rush of emotions on the dancefloor especially for those who remember the old days, sure to please.

That said, it's most definitely the flip that I'm all abo…

Frank Booker - El Salvador/Tell Them (Wonderful Noise)

I just got home from my local shop (Rush Hour), armed with two new Frank Booker releases on Japanese imprint Wonderful Noise. I'm well aware of the fact that these days, record shopping is a bit of a privilege for most people. There's only a few decent actual record stores left that stock 12" vinyl and if you're on tight budget, lifting a few cheap downloads from the internet is a far more attractive proposition than ponying up a tenner for just one record. But let's face it, nothing beats bagging a few gems and rushing home to play them though now does it? And oh boy, we're dealing with pure gems here.

El Salvador is a classy midtempo moody beatdown disco workout with some cheeky samplin' thrown in for good measure. If you liked mr. Booker's releases on Untracked you'll love this one too, it's got the same raw swing and drive that made those releases so special. I'm in love with the original but I want to make love to Cosmic Boogie's ex…