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Dead Rose Music Company - May Contain Samples EP (Taikomochi)

For a minute I though Dead Rose decided to resurrect those pesky little keychain pets that were a big hit in the 90s (remember how breathtakingly embarrassing it was to see grown men 'feeding their Tamagochi' in clubs etc), but luckily I was wrong and we're dealing with the elusive disco bod's brand new imprint Taikomochi. I've been told that's Japanese for 'he who wields the clan's drums' in case you were wondering. And if there's one thing that stands out in Dead Rose's productions, it's the drums. Take 'I love what you Do' on the A for example, a sexy midtempo squelcher that takes forever to get going but the understated 80s drums and vocal that keeps popping up keep things moving and interesting for the duration of the flight. Really something else this track, and a fantastic mix tool too. Dead Rose ups the tempo a little on 'Feels Good', the A2 track. Again it's all about vintage 80s drum, a cheeky vocal sample a…

Norm de Plume & Deep Space Orchestra mixing things up

Just a quicky to let you know Norm de Plume (Delusions of Grandeur) and Deep Space Orchestra are playing together this Friday at The Camp in London. Norm de Plume's superb debut release on his own Plumage imprint has become a bit of a fixture in my record bag, and the Deep Space Orchestra boys seem to be taking the world by storm with acclaimed releases on Foto and their own Use of Weapons. In support of the event there's also a brand new Delusions of Grandeur Podcast up for grabs, featuring an exclusive guest mix by DSO and exclusive previews of a couple of tracks from the forthcoming 6th Borough project Album we talked about yesterday. You can find all the info on the party here:

RA info

Facebook page

PS Make sure to keep 'em peeled for Norm de Plume's forthcoming 12" on Kolour LTD, "The Groove Groces", it's ridiculously good. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy (plum-coloured vinyl, anyone?).

Craig Smith vs. Disco Deviance

While yes, we are mostly a 'record review' blog, yammering away about shiny new discs we like, (and yes, probably sometimes without anyone really paying attention) we just have to make an exception here and let you know bout our sleazy soundtrack for the week. One of our favourite artists doing a seriously badass guestmix for one of our favourite labels.

Grab Craig Smith's (6th Borough Project) ludicrously excellent Pulse Radio mix for Disco Deviance right HERE. Easily on the pod for a few months. And in case you've been under a rock for a while, you'll need to know to keep em peeled for what could be contender for LP of 2011, the forthcoming 6th Borough 3xLP - One Night in the Borough

Alena / Yam Who / PBR Streetgang / Brothers Young - Futurism (ISM)

And blam! Onwards with more discohouse filth, this time on the somewhat mysterious ISM Recordings label, owned by the mighty Yam Who. This imprint has gone largely under the radar for me over the years and I can honestly say I know very little about it, but with heavyweights such as Yam Who, Ron Basejam and PBR Streetgang on three out of the four (different) tracks on this release - entitled 'Futurism', you'd have to be crazy not to fork out the measely 10 bones for it. Agreed? Good. Boiled cabbage for another week it is then.

The bright and early tee time here goes to Ron Basejam's lovely remix of Alena's "Changes", starting the ep off in fine form, fans of the ever-so-hot Crazy P sound should be digging this (Danielle Moore on vox here, ja?). Seriously catchy tune this. A2 is Yam Who's "I'm in Love" and is what we like to refer to as " a pleasant enough deep houser" and is indeed a great vocal house tune - but let&#…

Sccucci One

Obviously, we have a bit of a soft spot for blogs that evolve into record labels, even more so when there's vinyl involved. Not because vinyl is inherently better than digital, but simply because it takes a set of fairly big balls to put out records these days. James, the man in charge over at Sccucci Manucci, definately seems to know what he's doing though. For Sccucci's maiden voyage he lined up 4 choice tracks by 4 up and coming producers in the midtempo/beatdown/deephouse/nudisco realm.

Our very own Francis Inferno Orchestra kicks things off with the massive Horizon Beat, a bassheavy, druggy and chuggy reconstruction of Cloud One's classic Disco Juice. Jonno and Tommo, two new names for me, deliver the goods with Scare The Night, a filtered out disco pianofest. On the flip Scott Featherstone & Tino up the tempo a bit with Circles, a pleasant enough percussive deephouser. It's Ramboiage's Pretty Baby that is my pick of the bunch though. Clocking in at ar…

Duff Disco On A Roll

It's been a while since the last Duff Disco release, so we were pleasantly surprised to read about a brand new 12" that just dropped. It's quite a feat Duff managed to squeeze out two new tracks, as he just released a longplayer called 'Getting to Sirius' under his Duff Step guise. The LP offers a rather fine collection of mellow soundscapes and moody downtempo broken beat fare and makes for great homelistening. There's also a bunch of really good remixes about to drop by the likes of Session Victim, Francis Inferno Orchestra and Mark E. The latter's remix of Your Touch is breathtakingly good, so make sure to snap up that remix EP as well.

Back to the disco business though, the fifth installment of the Duff Disco series. It's Catch me Out on the A that does the trick for me, a deep and moody romper with chuggy beats and clever vocals. If you like 6th Borough Project's output this should be right up your alley. I'll pass on the flip though, wher…

Voyeurhythm - He Can´t Love You video


By now you should know we´re huge fans of everything that´s coming out of the Voyeurhythm Camp. The five releases by the likes of Ben Sun and Megadon Betamax we´ve bagged so far all push the exciting boundaries of future-beatdown-boogie and are a real breath of fresh air in the increasingly saturated disco edits market. I can´t wrap my head around the fact these guys seem to fly under the public radar though...must be cause the kind Voyeurhythm people aren´t exactly prone to tooting their own horn. Anyway, it´s my personal mission to plug and pimp all things Voyeurhythm untill they top the disco sales charts.

Let´s start with this awesome video of Megadon´s He Can´t Love you, a nice slice of filthy 80s synth-boogie.