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Cole Medina - Red Hot (Internasjonal)

Oh man. The stork dropped off something a little special last week, and I know we say this often - but this is a track that us here at SBHQ have been lusting over for a good while, since we heard it in a Todd Terje set a few years ago (yes, we've more or less actually been on the edge of our seat since then...) The track is entitled 'Red Hot' - on Internasjonal by a certain Cole Medina, fine purveyor of all things good.

The A-side features the original, quite possibly the funkiest track I've ever heard, that bumps along with 10/10 sleazy disco goodness. Fat bass, killer ax hooks, a genuinely rocking beat and a mesmerizing, unforgettable groove. Drop this dancefloor scorcher and be prepared to watch the room explode and dancefloor fill to the brim. You won't be able to see this take place however, because you'll be completely swarmed at the booth with punters needing to know what the hell they're listening to. The B-side is the MMD remix by none ot…

Riccio - Late Touch (Gentleman Recordings)

Our good friend Riccio the Italian sleazy disco superman of Hidden History fame brings us another fine record on his new imprint, Gentleman Recordings.This three track monster - Late Touch has been in the works for a good bit, and we've been anxiously awaiting it's arrival on the fine shelves of our local online record shop for the past month or so. The title track, as well as 'Thrills' are two slightly more uptempo numbers with all the proper discofied elements we love to bits: trademark warm & heavy drums, congas, guitar snippets and lazer sounds, all of which make these two tracks a bit more animated than Riccio's recent outing on Super Value for example, and he wears it well.

I think it's the second tune on the A side that's my pick however: 'Street Life', which serves up the deep, dirtiest and most lo-slung vibe of them all that really puts us in the mood. This one's a proper dreamy affair with a wicked morphed out vocal sample…

Session Victim/Quarion - Treats Vol. 2 (Retreat)

Berlin-based house label Retreat takes a bit of a new direction with its 5th release, ditching vintage sounding deephouse for midtempo electronic disco and it works like a charm. Session Victim (who also did a record on Jimpster's Delusions of Grandeur label a while ago) and Drum Poet's Quarion show they can produce more than techy bleeps and squeeks: all three tracks on offer are warm, clever and silky smooth pitched down productions . It's 'Danish Daughters' that stands out for me though, a deep and most pleasant dreamy ride based around samples of Maze's Joy and Pain. Just bagged myself a copy, can't wait to play it out.

RTR05 - A1 - Session Victim - Danish Daughters by Hauke Freer

Buy the record here

Ron Basejam - Deep and Meaningless (ISM)

Oh boy what a treat this is, a full length album by Ron Basejam (of Crazy Penis and Secret Stealth Fame) on Yam Who's ace ISM imprint. Ron Basejam is the alter ego of James Baron, who's been quietly crafting some incredible down- and midtempo grooves over the past years. His For The People By The People release on Winding Back that came out a few years ago has never left my box, and we were all over his recent colab with Hott Toddy on Eskimo Recordings.

The album starts off with Hot Fridge, a chuggy midtempo burner with an infectious vocal hook that is sure to find its way into many a set in the coming months. Other highlights are "No Jose part 1", a lush and moody affair, "Is The Word: and the deep and melancholy "Into My Life". A few tracks feature the vocals of Crazy P's Danielle Moore and Holly Backler to great effect. In short: the whole album (which Baron calls a labour of love) is nothing short of amazing. Deep? you bet. Meaningless? quite…

Social Disco Club - Disco Deviance #13

Fine pair of edits by Portugal's Social Disco Club on the always on point Disco Deviance label. SDC (or Humberto Matias to his mum) has been building quite a name for himself over the past year with classy edits and orginal productions on labels like Bear Funk, Tirk, Eskimo and his own Hands of Time imprint. On the A side we get 'Don't', an extended uptempo vocal disco number with swirly hand in the air keys. For me it's all about 'Give me the sunshine' on the flip though, a moody, pitched down affair with subtle shuffly hi-hats and chops 'n loops in all the right places. Tickles my pickle in a most pleasant way, so I'd advise you to go forth and pick up a copy, great way to celebrate the fact the this long dreary European winter is almost over.

Have a listen to Give Me The Sunshine here:

Pick up a copy here

Ilija Rudman - What Am I Gonna Do (Under The Shade)

The massively underrated Ilija Rudman puts on his boogie boots and drops a lovely, squelchy vocal track that featured on a recent mix by Mark E. Rudman's trademark analog drums and synths work a treat as usual and the vocals are a perfect match for the track's wobbly bassline. By far the best thing Under The Shade has put out so far, and a perfect showcase of Ilija Rudman's talents. Can't get enough of the orginal, hope to see more of this stuff surface this year, it's a most refreshing sound.

Ilija Rudman - What Am I Gonna Do by Under the shade

Pick up a copy here

SBR002 - Beatdown Soundmachine (LTJ XPerience Mixes)

We're thrilled to present you the second release on our very own Sleazy Beats Recordings imprint. After a bit of a delay (due to a congested pressing plant, how about that?) this two-tracker by The Beatdown Soundmachine (The Secret Service EP) is finally out on - very limited - shiny black 12" with a new vintage babe ready to hug the spindle of your record player.

Two tracks on offer here, both mixed by Super Value/Small World Disco's LTJ XPerience, one of the darlings of today's re-edit and slo-mo house scene. The A side 'Groove is on my mind' is a chunky low-slung workout that just builds and builds. If you liked LTJ's recent 12"s on Irma you'll love this track. On the flip we get 'More Love', a lush slowburner (around 100BPM) with smooth guitars and a big warm bassline. Don't take our word for it, check it out here:

We're most excited about getting this record out. Head over to one of these fine shops for a copy. We only pressed …

Daniel Solar DiKSO mix

Great mix by Daniel Solar on the excellent DiKSO blog. This is the second in their new podcast series and it's a grand journey through deep and wonky leftfield disco. We got in touch with Mr. Solar a while ago through soundcloud (which is by far my favorite place on the innerweb at the moment) and we were blown away by his productions: deep midtempo magic with oomph, drive and more than an ounce of soul. Obviously, we had to get him on board for an EP on our very own Sleazy Beats Recordings. We had no clue the Berlin-based producer was actually an acclaimed tech/minimal/deephouse producer with releases on Diynamic, Meerestief and Sportsclub. We don't want to give too much away, but he'll make his first appearance on Sleazy Beats 004 which will be out this summer....

In the meantime, give this fabulous mix a whirl or two:

DiKSO Podcast 02 - Daniel Solar from DiKSO at

Era Digitalis - Eddie C's Rocket Science EP on Junodownload

As you all know, we're big fans of shiny, heavy, pretty 12" records. There's little in life that beats dropping a needle on a fresh record you picked up in your local record store for the first time. We also know there's loads of kids out there these days that either can't afford buying expensive import records, or simply didn't grow up using a pair of turntables and learned how to mix on snazzy CD players. The limited run of vinyl sold out really fast too, so to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the lovely EP Eddie C did for us, we put it up exclusively on Junodownload, by far the best place to shop for midtempo deepness.

Pick it up now for the price of a decent pint:
Eddie C - Rocket Science EP

Erdbeerschnitzel - 4 months EP (3rd Strike)

Right, so I have no idea what the hell an Erdbeerschnitzel is (strawberry steak?) but who cares if it sounds so DAMN TASTY. By now you must have heard that Jisco/Under The Shade head honcho Dave Griffiths is expanding his empire of the deep with yet another label, 3rd Strike Recordings, "focussing mainly on house music" according to the press release. Well we all know house music comes in many shapes and forms, of which I detest about 85% so I was anxious to hear the first release. To be brutally honest, I was a bit sceptical too, because - given a few notable exceptions - most of the Under The Shade catalogue doesn't really do it for me.

Happy to report that Erdbeerschnitzel's EP on 3rd Stike is an outright beast of a record with just the right amount of sleaze/filth. Tim Keiling, the man behind the odd name, delivers two squelchy, superdeep midtempo bombs with skippy, wonky drums, vintage-sounding detroity synths, loopy vocal snips, sloppy claps, the works. Quite ha…