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Barry Fell - Sleazy Beats Mix

The year 2009 just keeps chugging on, and another holiday present has just arrived at Sleazy HQ. Edinburgh's own Barry Fell has sent us an exclusive DJ mix to share with fans of all things midtempo. We always enjoy Barry's smooth mixes... and all of the usual suspects are represented... just check the tracklisting below:
Barry Fell - Sleazy Beats Mix
George Duke - The Alien George & Gwen McRae - Mechanical Body (Super Value edit) Hot Toddy feat. Ron Basejam - I Need Love 6th Borough Project - McLovin Sounds Superb - Pseudo Wind Super Value - Special Edits 1 (track 2) Eddie C - Make Change Pierce Brothers - Party Person (Gerd edit) Trus'me - ? Michael Jackson - Thriller (OOFT Music Phazed edit) M - Pop Musik (Todd Terje remix) Guillame & The Coutu Dumonts - Raw People's Choice - Do It Any Way You Wanna (The Noodleman Alla's double churned butter dub) Ann Margaret - Everybody Needs Love Sometimes

Click HERE to download.
Not familiar with Barry Fell? Check out the links bel…

Tangoterje - Like An Eagle (TTJ Edits)

A bit late on this one due to a busy holiday schedule, but better late than never. Stellar record here on TTJ Edits featuring a couple of tracks I've been playing mp3's of recently - for the simple fact that they haven't been available on wax. But now these extremely well produced edits are finally available on one hot black little disc courtesy of Tangoterje. This guy's been known by most for cutting and rehashing many great lost and forgotten funk, soul, rock and what have you for a while, which seem to pop up here and there on digi, and when we're lucky we get a few of em' on wax (most recently being the amazing Diamonds Dub 12" on Supreme from not even two months ago).

Dennis Parker's 'Like an Eagle' is the first to get Terje's midas touch, a glorious disco tune that gets morphed into a more playable and dj friendly dancefloor bomb. Many listeners might instantly make the connection to the original where snippets of the recent massively …

Sleazy McQueen / Whiskey Disco

A lot of people have asked if this blog was run by US artist Sleazy McQueen. Obviously you can guess why. Although we haven't had the pleasure of working with him on any sleazy projects, we do share a common love for the beat down grooves.
This year has been wonderful for new music. The decade isn't quite over yet, and right in time for the holidays we are introduced to a sneaky little re-edit label called Whiskey Disco. This camp is doing it proper, putting out releases with decent artwork on limited vinyl runs only. The music is described as suitable for 'Balearic bashes and defiant discos, raising the cosmic lever while lowering the tempo'. Sounds about right to us!
The first 12" has four tracks, all smooth edits by Sleazy McQueen. The cosmic explosions of 'Lolita' will work the floor. The familiar bassline and "toot toot, beep beep" of 'On and On' will surely get people shaking. The relatively obscure 'Mr. Vanderbilt'…

Tiger and Woods - Caddy Shag EP (Editainment)

Unknown edit duo Tiger and Woods are back with their second installment of jaw-droppingly good music. Not much is known about these dudes or Editainment - the label on which they release their stuff, but their damn does their output ever speak volumes. Their Hole In One EP from earlier this year was their maiden voyage - two chuggy, loopy numbers that were played in numerous bigwig edit discjock sets - extremely tasty, and this lil' beauty is no different. This one's entitled the Caddy Shag EP, and consists of two more top shelf tracks: 'Deflowered' and 'Gin Nation' are the ones on offer, each with a couple of different tempos and thus extremely useful. Both cuts are perfectly chopped and housed up extended disco edits served up complete with badass basslines and loopy distorted vocal buildups that will with no doubt annihilate a dancefloor. This is one record that those who have been following the edit scene recently will seriously not want to be without. Oh, …

Frantic - Keep-It-Deep Guest Mix

Not that we're biased but we think it's always a good thing when another mix comes along by one of our very own Sleazy Beats crew members. Frantic has done up a great interview revealing all sorts of juicy details about himself along with yet another smashing new DJ mix over at the excellent German blog Keep-It-Deep.

Check out the excitement here.

The Mole/Guilty Pleasures - Family (Internasjonal)

Hot on the heels of Hunee's incredible Brother release not even two months ago, Prins Thomas' ace Internasjonal stamp releases another great record by none other than a Sleazy fave, The Mole, aka Mole of Soul, aka Colin de la Plante (to his mom) and Guilty Pleasures, entitled 'Family'. This is his second output on Internasjonal and he doesn't disappoint. If you're not familiar, The Mole always takes his own slant on whatever he produces, from techno to nudisco, funk to house, you can always expect the bar to be set high, but always expect the unexpected and for barriers to be pushed. His last release on the amazing disco edit label 7 Inches of Love (his imprint along with partner in crime Koosh) was incredible, as is this one - albeit little different.

The title track 'Family' gives us a moody disco-fied burner with strings and keys that tickle just where they should. Not your typical disco beat mind, making this one quite versatile to toss into a number…

First Choice - Dr. Love * Marcus Aurelius edit

Deep house don Marcus Aurelius (who's done some great stuff on Kolour and Alphabet Music) got his hands dirty on First Choice's classic Dr. Love and is kindly sharing the results with us. His edit is a midtempo dubby groover that works in all the right places, making great use of the familiar hook over lo-slung, understated beats. If you like The Revenge's edits, you'll love this one.

Lovely edit this, download here, it's free!

Hot Toddy ft Ron Basejam - I Need Love (Eskimo)

Bit late on this gem on Belgian Imprint Eskimo but when the music's this good, who cares right? Crazy P's Hot Toddy - or Chris Todd to his mum - shows us how driving a tune can be at a whopping 96 BPM. 'I Need Love' was one of the highlights of the excellent mix Craig Smith did for us a while ago. The track has it all: a badass bassline, haunting synth lines, uplifting piano bits, chuggy drums and perfect vocal delivery by Ron Basejam . Eskimo got Morgan Geist on remix duties, who keeps the tempo low but doesn't use much of Ron Basejam's vocals. Both versions are incredible, it's impossible to pick a favorite.

Without a doubt one of the best records of 2009.

Check out Morgan Geist's remix here:

Listen/buy the 12" here
Listen/buy the digital release here

P.S. Make sure to check out Hot Toddy's older releases on Winding Road, superb as well.

Prime Numbers - Mr. Scruff * Fresh Noodles

Surprised to find this sampler on Trusme's ace Prime Numbers imprint out on digi before the wax has hit the shops. It's hard to complain about the format when the tunes on offer are this spectacular though. Motor City Drum Ensemble provides the first cut, a classy uptempo deephouse number with some tough drums and swirly synthlines. Fans of his output on 2020Vision will love this (though truth be told Danilo has made better bits). The second track is a superb boogie beast by Andres, who makes his first appearance on Prime Numbers. Mr. Scruff takes over for the final track of the EP with 'Fresh Noodles', and he sure doesn't disappoint. Check out a snippet of this lush, fun, funky, smooth midtempo delight. Great artists, great EP, great label.

Fresh Noodles - Mr Scruff & Kaidi Tatham by trusme

Buy the EP on Juno Download now

There's also a 'best of 2009' CD compilation on its way (I saw it pop up on Rush Hour's pre-order page), make sure to keep &…

Space Ranger - Keep on Moving (Plimsoll)

Supertasty pair of edits by Space Ranger on Plimsoll (a sideproject of the ace Shoes Edits Crew). The A side is a dubby take on D-Train's Keep on Moving that funks like a bastard. Flip over for a smooth, beefed up edit of New Jersey Connection's infectious Love Don't Come Easy. Check it out!

Listen/Buy here