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Scott K and Cole Medina vs. James Brown - I'm Satisfied (Box Music)

Heavy funk this time - Cole Medina has done it again. Along with Scott K and the Godfather himself, Box Music 003 'I'm Satisfied' proves to be a likely smash hit with music lovers whose tastes go from funk to house and over to the re-edit beards alike. No doubt there's no shortage of James Brown bootlegs and remakes in the world of electronic music, but this record is pretty sweet. 5 tracks, two of them heavy dancefloor corkers: "Believe Me That's Bad" and "Now That's What's Happening" that are just ripe with funky guitar, trumpet blasts, and JB rappin about being satisfied. And that bassline... as a good friend just mentioned to me, so well put: "That Cole sure knows his way around a bassline," Nail = head. Then we get 2 extremely handy dj tools - one with congas and one with the oh-so-popular cowbell that never ceases to please, both of which with catchy JB vocal quips that simply beg to be layered over a 4x4. The icing on th…

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts compilation

With his Raw Cuts series, Motor City Drum Ensemble served up some of the best house bits to have surfaced over the past years . We're talking four 12"s of nasty, gritty lo-slung beats laced with spooky strings and chopped up vocal loops done to perfection.

Those of you that missed one or two of these babies (the early ones are very hard to find) will be thrilled to hear MCDE is about to put out a CD compilation which features all the previous Raw Cuts material. The fun doesn't end there, as we're also treated to three ace new exclusive tracks.

Fantastic package this, and at a very reasonable price too.

Check out the new tracks and (pre)order this shiny niceness here

Meanwhile, have a listen to Raw Cuts #3, my favorite so far..
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 3 (MCDE/FACES/RUSH HOUR) by invrs

Eddie C - Keep It Deep guest mix

Just a quick note to let you know Eddie C has mixed up an exclusive DJ set (packed full of midtempo goodies!) for bloggers Keep-It-Deep. There's an interview over there as well... so go grab the mix, check out the Q&A, and be reminded why we love this guy so much over here at Sleazy Headquarters.
Find the music and the interview here.

American Standard – Mr. Chinn Gets it Together (American Standard US)

The fantastic US American Standard imprint was responsible for a debut record that came out in 2008 that still get tons of playtime by me, as both the A and B sides are incredibly groovy and infectiously melodic beasts. The record in question is ‘Medina’s Magic”, that contains two very special reworks by a certain magician dubbed Cole Medina. The A-side title track was featured on Cole’s mega-lush, sub-tempo Disk Union mix (it’s simply amazing, I actually can’t sleep unless I’ve listened to it at least once per day - we've linked to it before...check it here).

American Standard numero 2 is now on shelves (it’s been a couple of weeks now) at all fine retailers and serves up yet another spicy dish. This time there are two relatively obscure R&B/soul tracks that get funked up albeit in entirely different manners. Up first, Rong Music recording artist Mr. Chinn reworks an old unknown tune: ‘Let’s Get Together’ into a loopy vocal uptempo burner with live synths and lots of piano act…

LTJ X-Perience - Sound Machine/On the Floor (IRMA)

LTJ X-Perience (or Luca Trevisi to his mom) has been playing and making music for ages. While I was most likely listening to some dreadful grunge in highschool, LTJ dropped his first record on Irma in 1994. Over the years, LTJ has become a household name in downtempo, jazz, funk and bossa circles, crafting some fine rhythms and melodies that featured on more compilations than you can count on two pairs of hands.

His talents don't stop there though; our Italian friend also happens to be one of the best kept secrets of the slow motion house movement. His 2008 release 'Organ Mind', a superdeep and low-slung beatdown workout was a firm favorite of Larry Heard and found its way onto Mark E's seminal Resident Advisor mix. We've also been raving about his collaboration with Riccio on these pages (a superb EP on their new label Hidden History Recordings).

We're happy to report LTJ is about to release a new 12" on Irma, offering two sublime hypnothic beatdown cuts:…

Cottam - #2

There's a new kid on the block who goes by the name of 'Cottam' and he sure is causing a bit of a stir. His first EP hit the shops in September, showcasing a most refined ear for deep midtempo grooves (reminiscent of Mark E's recent output), which was awarded record of the week by both Piccadilly and Phonica. No mean feat for a debut release!

I managed to pick up Cottam #2 at Rush Hour in Amsterdam this weekend. This second installment follows the same recipe: midtempo headnodding fodder of the highest order. The A side is a mesmerizing loopy affair that goes on for ages before cleaverly weaving in Angie Stone's classic 'Pissed Off'. Cottam takes it back to the motherland on the flip, where he serves up some crisp deep drums, African chants and dubby trumpet stabs.

Essential stuff, don't sleep on this, there's only 300 copies around (no repress).

Pick up a copy here

Have a listen to the B side of Cottam #2 here:
Cottam2-Side B by Cottam

Meanwhile, kee…

Sleazy Beats special: Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) Mix and Interview

For the second installment of the Sleazy Beats Exclusive Mix series, we enlisted the services of a very special guest: 6th Borough Project's Craig Smith, one of the undisputed leaders of the current "pitched down house revolution". The musical output of Craig Smith and The Revenge under the 6th Borough Project moniker has been received spectacularly well all over the world. Their imprint Instruments of Rapture has swiftly established itself as one of those 'buy on sight' labels (we've been raving about their sublime midtempo druggy disco nuggets on these here pages for a while now). Meanwhile, Craig Smith dropped THE mix of last year in the form of his 6th Borough Blend.

We're happy to report Craig was up for doing us a new mix and answering a few questions along the way. Press play and read all about his partnership with The Revenge and how one gets to be the Master's at Work favorite DJ, while enjoying one of the finest mixes we've heard in a lon…

Mark E - MERC Mix

Mark E celebrates the launch of his MERC imprint with a brand spankin' new DJ mix which is kindly shared by the nice people over at Warm. We all know the drill, filthy loopy magic that will suck you in and won't let go for the rest of the ride: Mark's mixes never disappoint.

Mr E's own thoughts on the mix:
"Starting off with Sunbear, an album ive been after for ages but only recently picked up, then heading into some slow burnin territory with tracks i never quite manage to play out but always want to, it just works that way sometimes. Then picking up the tempo with some brontasaurus, Nu Groove, Tweakin, Sex Tags & Guidance. Enjoyed doing this, loads of vinyl and CD’s strewn everywhere on a monday afternoon."

Mark E // Mercmix#1 // by warmhq

Disco Deviance - Do It Nice And Easy [With Love] (Disco Deviance)

Well I for one have been rinsing the Disco Deviance releases to shreds for some time now, I think I've managed to grab all but just a few of their lovely slabs since their '07 debut. The relatively incognito edit label is host to a wide range of artists such as Fat Camp, BC, Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco, Out in the Sticks, Situation and Ashley Beedle to name a few. All these guys have had success massaging old funk and soul classics in just the right spots, turning them into proper dancefloor burners. I personally like to keep all the Disco Deviance releases in the front of my bag so I know exactly where to reach for big fat, organic, funk and disco superedits when I need em. I have so much time for the label that I used two DD records on my last mix.

Anyways Disco Deviance #10 has just been launched, (coinciding nicely with the 10,000th visitor to Sleazybeats, whoa...) As per usual, this one boasts two hot edits, this time by the legendary electrofunkroots-ster, Greg Wilson. In …