Sleazy Peek: Tee Mango - Trying Times (Local Talk)

Sleazy Peek: Closed Paradise - Swang It [Better Listen Records Black Label]

Sleazy Peek: G2S & Kaffe Crème - Arrières Vibrations [In Any Case]

Sleazy Peek: Javi Frias - Tender Feeling [Night Shift Records]

Chevals - Big Man [Homage]

Sleazy Peek: Sune - Glidin' [Secret Listen]

Midnight City Sleazy Beats Label Night

M.ono - The Royal Juice Cuts No. 01 [Rose Records]

Saine - For the Dreamers (Omena)

Sleazy Peek: Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou - Malin Kpon O (Bosq's Extended Mix) [Sol Power DC]

Sleazy Peak: Bobby Analog - Don't Call Me Lo-Fi Baby [Body Fusion]

Malouane - Take Me Back to Clavius [Lagaffe Tales]